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Blockflötenkurs mit Lucia Mense
Querflötenkurs mit Natalia Gerakis
Gitarrenkurs mit Volker Höh
Hammerklavier-Kurs mit Alexander Puliaev

Sommerworkshop "Gesang"

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Course for Recorder with Lucia Mense

Course for Flute with Natalia Gerakis

Course for Guitar with Volker Hoeh
Course for Harpsichord/
Pianoforte with Alexander Puliaev


Sunday 29.07.2012 - Saturday 04.08.2012

Course for Flute with Natalia Gerakis

at the Marienburg in Zell, Mosel/Germany
Piano and Harpsichord accompaniment:
Alexander Puliaev

Natalia Gerakis, Soloist, Orchestra and
Chamber Musician and Pedagogue,


The course adresses young professionals, music students, music teachers, scholars, as well as advanced amateurs, who will have the opportunity to meet and work in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Solo and chamber music repertoire for flute and piano, as well as basic technical issues, are the main focus of this course. The participants will intensively work individually and in the group on the realization of one's own targets, the preparation of concerts, competitions and auditions. Each participant should prepare 2-3 pieces of his choice.

In addition to the individual lessons there will be the possibility to play chamber music with participants of the parallel courses for Recorder, Guitar and Harpsichord/Pianoforte. You are welcome to bring your own choice of music. A list of proposals for chamber music can be send on request.

The course offers

Individual lessons - repertory for flute solo/flute and piano
Technique lessons (altogether)
Rehearsal with piano/harpsichord accompaniment
Chamber music lessons (optional)
Flute ensembles (optional)
Training on how to perform
Tutors' opening concert
Participants final concert

Info and application

Info- Flyer (PDF)
Application form (PDF)

The tutor

Natalia Gerakis - Flutist
www.nataliagerakis.com, mail at nataliagerakis.com

Natalia Gerakis is considered one of the most accomplished flutists in Greece today. Both Stuttgart- and Athens-based, she has performed as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestra player at major halls and festivals throughout Germany and Greece. Besides, concerts and tours have brought her to numerous European and Mediterranean countries. She has been principal flutist of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, has performed with the Athens State Orchestra, the Mikis Theodorakis Popular Orchestra, the Wuerttembergisches Kammerorchester Heilbronn and has collaborated with the Chamber Theater of the Stuttgart State Opera Haus. She completed her studies in Paris at the Nadia & Lili Boulanger Conservatoire in Paris with the "1er Prix de la Ville de Paris" and at the State Music Academy in Stuttgart under Prof. Jean-Claude Gérard on scholarship of the Greek State. Currently Natalia Gerakis is a sought-after tutor of international music courses (European Academy of Camerata Europaea/Germany, Adams European Flute Center/Holland, Internationaler Arbeitskreis für Musik/Germany, International Forum for Flute und Piano/Luxembourg, Springiersbacher Meisterkurse/Germany). She particularly enjoys working for concentrated short periods of time with young flutists, helping them towards achieving their own goals.