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Blockflötenkurs mit Lucia Mense
Querflötenkurs mit Natalia Gerakis
Gitarrenkurs mit Volker Höh
Hammerklavier-Kurs mit Alexander Puliaev

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Course for Recorder with Lucia Mense
Course for Flute with Natalia Gerakis

Course for Guitar with Volker Hoeh

Course for Harpsichord/
Pianoforte with Alexander Puliaev


Sunday 29.07.2012 - Saturday 04.08.2012

Course for Guitar with Volker Höh

at the Marienburg in Zell, Mosel/Germany

Volker Höh | Soloist, Chamber musician, Lecturer at the Koblenz University and the Music-Grammar-School of Rheinland-Pfalz


The course adresses guitar players who want to improve their performance. The idyllic site of the Marienburg offers best conditions to work in an undisturbed, concentrated atmosphere. The main focus will be on the repertoire for guitar (solo, chamber music, ensemble playing) and on the improvement of technical abilities. A good posture and painless playing will be worked on as important achievements.

In addition to individual lessons there will be the possibility to play chamber music with participants of the parallel courses for Recorder, Flute and Harpsichord/Pianoforte. You are welcome to bring your own choice of music. A list of proposals for chamber music can be send on request.

The course offers

Individual lessons
Technique lessons (altogether)
Training on how to perform
Guitar ensemle (optional)
Chamber music lessons (optional)
Tutors' opening concert
Participants final concert

Info and application

Info- Flyer (PDF)
Application form (PDF)

The tutor

Volker Höh - Guitarist
www.volker-hoeh.de, volker.hoeh at t-online.de

Volker Höh is one of the most versatile German guitarists. As a soloist, with orchestras and in chamber-music groups he performs on a regular basis on international and festival stages, often in the function of cultural ambassador for the Goethe Institute. His CD productions were awarded prizes by specialized critics. They show stylistic diversity and varied sound-aesthetics. Like his concert programmes they follow a theme line and present contemporary music as well as the classical repertoire with historical instruments and Spanish/Latin-American music. Regular radio and TV recordings are documents of his artistic position as well as the many works by well-known composers dedicated to him. Höh makes part of CD and film productions with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra and conductors such as Michael Gielen, Eliahu Inbal, Dmitrij Kitajenko and Marcello Viotti. Volker Höh studied at the Academies of Koblenz and Münster. Further studies with Julian Bream, Leo Brouwer, Alberto Ponce, José Tomas and the pianist György Sebök followed. He has been distinguished with many grants and other forms of sponsorship. The guitar-ensemble "cantomano", initiated by him, has won prizes on national and international level. Besides teaching posts at the University of Koblenz and the Music-Grammar-School of Rheinland-Pfalz (Montabaur) he works as editor and author for publishers and specialized magazines as well as jury-member and teacher at international competitions and festivals.