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Blockflötenkurs mit Lucia Mense
Querflötenkurs mit Natalia Gerakis
Gitarrenkurs mit Volker Höh
Hammerklavier-Kurs mit Alexander Puliaev

Sommerworkshop "Gesang"

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General Info

Course for Recorder with Lucia Mense
Course for Flute with Natalia Gerakis
Course for Guitar with Volker Hoeh
Course for Harpsichord/
Pianoforte with Alexander Puliaev



Summer Course at the
Carmelite Monastery Springiersbach 2013

10. - 16. August 2013


The Carmelite Monastery Springiersbach is located near Bengel, in a beautiful and quiet area on the slopes of the river Mosel, surrounded by forest, fields and vineyards. The Monastery is 50 Km to the east of the city of Trier, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
More info: Kloster Springiersbach

Arrival and Opening Concert

The Courses will begin on 10.08.2013 at 7 p.m. with the tutors opening concert at the Kapitelsaal of the Karmelitenkloster Springiersbach/Bengel.

Final Concert and Departure

Participants will have the opportunity to present the results they have achieved during the courses in a public concert on 16.08.2013 at 7 p.m. in the Kapitelsaal of the Karmelitenkloster Springiersbach. Departure on 16.08.13 after the concert, or on 17.08.13 in the morning.

Course fee

Active participants 300,-€ adults / 240,-€ scholars, students | Auditor 80,-€ (There will be a limited number of active participants and priority will be met by date of application)


The Karmelitenkloster Springiersbach offers beautiful rooms with shower and toilet Price per person:
Full board in double room: 47,- /Day. Full board in single room: 51,- /Day
Shared room for young persons and scholars: 25,-/Day
Full board includes: Accommodation Breakfast Lunch Coffee and cakes Dinner

Application deadline

10 July 2013
The application form can be sent to the Musikkreis Springiersbach by post, e.mail or fax


Flyer Summer Course

Musikkreis Springiersbach
Eichenhain 23, 54538 Bengel
Tel: 06532 - 2731 - Fax: 06532 - 4086
E-Mail: musikkreis@t-online.de


With applying for the Summer Course a pre-payment of 100,- € is due to the following bank account:
Musikkreis Springiersbach
Bank: VVR-Bank Wittlich
IBAN: DE41 5876 0954 0003 8236 00

The remaining amount of the course and accommodation fee should be deposited to the same account not later than 10 July 2013.

Note in reference the name of the participant
All bank transfers should be without cost to the recipient
If there are additional bank charges to the Musikkreis Springiersbach,
   interested parties should return the money when they arrive at the Marienburg
The pre-payment is not refundable in case of cancelation on your part